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CMI Level 7 Diploma in Strategic Management & Leadership Organisational Direction (7006) Unite Code Unit Name Unit Lecturer Submission Date 7006 Organisational Direction Raheel Asghar Ginai

See Assignment Submission Policy ASSIGNMENT QUESTION

With reference to your organisation, write a report on Organisational Direction. Your report should cover the following learning outcomes and assessment criteria:LO1: Review and determine the organisational strategic aims and objectives. Assessment Criteria 1.1Identify the current strategic aims and objectives Note: The candidate is expected to choose an organisation of his/her choice and describe briefly its current strategic aims and objectives. For example the organisation might be aiming at becoming market leader in providing high quality products, or aiming at providing low cost products to target customers who are cost conscious. Some organisations might have other aims. 1.2Undertake an evaluation of the component parts of a strategic plan Note: The strategic plan may be evaluated by taking their components individually like vision and mission. Vision may be judged by five ways suggested by Hamel and Prahalad as applied to the organisation selected by the candidate. Similarly the mission may be judged by assessing how far it meets the formulations seen by Lynch. 1.3Analyse the factors affecting the strategic plan Note: The candidate can list and explain briefly those factors which are affecting the organisation so much that their role in shaping the strategies cannot be ignored. Factors such as competitors, social or economical factors or some internal factors should be identified and discussed.


LO2: Evaluate alternative strategies to meet the desired future strategic position. Assessment Criteria 2.1 Apply a range of strategic analysis tools to audit progress towards strategic aims and objectives Note: The…...

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