Communication Strategies for Leaders

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Communication Strategies for Leaders
Adam Young

Executive Summary

This report analyzes and discusses my strengths and weaknesses with different communication strategies ranging from oral and written communication skills to observation and team communication skills. It is extremely important to have a strong set of communication skills in order to become the best administrator possible. Having a versatile assortment of different communication skills can give you the upper hand. The report includes what communication skills I have already been successful with and what skills I need to improve. I have found success with oral communication skills a long with image and confidence skills. I lack written communication skills and need to learn and improve my internal and external corporate communication techniques. Creating this report has allowed me to assess my different skill levels with different communication techniques allowing me to focus in on what I needed work on. I have created a plan that allows me to set a goal and a timeline to achieve competency in the communication skills I have struggled with.

Communication skills are an important aspect of being a good leader and not everyone is born with this skillset. Many leaders have to continually improve their communication skills and work hard to develop such skills. There are many different types of communication skills for example oral, written, observation, team and even skills in dealing with your own feelings. In order to be a great leader one should possess competency in all types of commination skills. Communication skills are important to leadership roles because strong leadership is the backbone of an organization. To have success with leadership you need to be able to convey your message in a clear and confident manner. Communicating in a clear manner…...

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