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Communication Paper HCS/490 - HEALTH CARE CONSUMER - TRENDS AND MARKETING University of Phoenix 6/2/2014 Eboni Green

Communication modality utilized in health care enhances the communication between patients, extended family members, immediate family and the primary medical provider of the patient.

The one specific mode of communication that is utilized by consumers and health care provider’s main source of communication would be electronic medical records. The electronic medical records are very beneficial to the patient and his or her primary medical provider. The electronic medical records could also enhance communication skills between the patient and the physician.

The electronic medical records took the place of paper records; also electronic medical records could protect the patient privacy concerning their medical history or current health evaluation. The electronic record will also prevent invasion of a patient privacy concerning their medical history, also the electronic medical history will prevent legal action for the primary medical provider.

The electronic medical records will benefit the patient in several ways such as the improvement of a patient medical care, reduction in medical mistakes, and positive financial gain for the medical provider and their business or doctor office.

An aspect relating to the values and importance of maintaining patient confidentiality when utilizing this mode of communication in the electronic medical records will focus on the patient privacy, confidentiality, security and respect for the patient. The privacy will…...

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