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Recruitment is the process of identifying that the organisation needs to employ someone up to the point at which application forms for the post have arrived at the organisation. Selection then consists of the processes involved in choosing from applicants a suitable candidate to fill a post. Recruiting individuals to fill particular posts within a business can be done either internally by recruitment within the firm, or externally by recruiting people from outside.
As soon as a company knows that it needs to recruit an employee, the recruitment officer or who is responsible for this process have to plan and prepare documentation to success of recruiting a new member of staff.
First of all a potential candidates sees a the job advertisement. The job advertisement are based on the job description and person specification.
This document typically includes:
• Job title
• Location of role
• Conditions of employment (full-time/part-time)
• How to apply
• Closing date for applications
The job advert of Marketing Officer have five main elements. Information on the job opening describes the duties and responsibilities of the position. A candidate profile outlines the experience, education and other attributes required for the job. Company information provides insight into the working environment and the opportunities for the right candidate. The advertisement also describes the salary range and benefits for the successful candidate. Finally, the advertisement explains the application process, including how and where to apply, closing date.
Compare to person specification the job advertisement is nicely and wisely designed way to attract suitable qualified candidates for a job. Whereas he job advertisement also plays a secondary role by helping to position the company as a growing organization staffed by quality people. This helps create awareness and…...

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