Comparison of Entrepreneurial Activities in the Usa and China

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Comparison of entrepreneurial activities in the USA and China

Table of Content Page 1 Introduction 3 2 Comparison of entrepreneurial activities in USA and China 4 2.1 Culture 4 2.2 Government policies 6 2.3 Funding and financing 9 2.4 Education and training 10 3 Conclusion 11 Bibliography 13

1 Introduction Entrepreneurship is one of a major factor influencing the economy of countries in terms of international trade, infrastructure, employment and living standards as well as capital growth. It also reflects the effectiveness of government policies. Entrepreneurship relates to national policies (taxation, regulations, ease of doing business), entrepreneurship financing (banks, government support), economic circumstances (economic freedom), marketing (competitiveness), public agency assistance (government support), and expertise etc.. The level of entrepreneurial activity not only interacts with the factors above, but also with cultural or geographical factors and regulations. Personality characteristics, behavior and motivation are also the major elements, which should be taken into consideration. There are many determinants of being or becoming self-employed which are dealt with in the literature, such as employment status, minority behavior, immigrant behavior, family firm effects and attitudinal effects (Freytak/Thurik 2006, 6). The assignment compares the level of entrepreneurial activity between the U.S. and China as these locations have contrasting characteristics regarding all these different aspects of entrepreneurial activity. It discovers and compares the reason how some of them – cultural factors, government policies, funding & financing and finally education & training – are influencing entrepreneurship in these countries.

2 Comparison of entrepreneurial activities in USA and China…...

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