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Post-secondary Education in the West: British Columbia vs Alberta
My “Run-off” is between the departments of Advanced Education in British Columbia and in Alberta. The Advanced Education (or post-secondary education) programs fall within the responsibility of similar Ministries in both provinces. I reviewed the fiscal cycle for 2012-2013 which was the latest period for which actual results were available in both provinces. During the period between planning and accountability reporting, the Ministry portfolio in both provinces changed slightly, however, advanced education and training remained the primary focus of the Ministry in both provinces. In 2012 – planning year for 2012-2013 - post-secondary education fell under the BC Ministry of Advanced Education, which changed to the Ministry of Advanced Education, Innovation and Technology by the time the results were reported in 2012-2013. In Alberta, during the planning part of the accountability cycle in 2012, post-secondary education was the responsibility of the Ministry of Advanced Education and Technology but changed slightly to be the Ministry of Advanced Education and Enterprise by the reporting time in 2013. In all cases, the Ministries had the responsibility for the oversight of the publically funded universities and other post-secondary institutes within their respective provinces. Since the portfolios changed slightly from planning to reporting, I focused only on the post-secondary objectives, measures, and results.
While the governments of the day in BC and Alberta are politically not that similar, they both have well developed planning and reporting processes. As a result, both Ministries that I reviewed scored high in many of the categories. Based on the information available on the government websites, this maturity in process is evident across the government as a whole and not…...

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