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Comparison Paper 1 – Crabb
PACO 507 Theology and Spirituality Counseling
Susie N. McCoy
Liberty University
Dr. Max Mills

Spring 2014

Comparison of Larry Crabb’s Book Effective Biblical Counseling This comparison paper will briefly evaluate Larry Crabb’s (1977) reflection, responses, and summary given in his book Effective Biblical Counseling: A Model for Helping Caring Christians Become Capable Counselors, Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan. This comparison will reflect on Crabb’s (1977) four approaches to integrating the Bible and counseling, and his three levels of counseling models that can be integrated into the functioning of a local church. This study will explore that one must be a caring Christian in order to become a capable counselor and that any approach to counseling that is Biblical base will be successful among a body of believers in a local church setting. Crabb (1977) stated that since effective counseling requires both a caring attitude and an understanding heart of Christian love of human functioning, than the mature believers in the local churches need to be train in counseling insights and skills (p. 14).
Summary: Crabb’s Theory/Methodology In his book Crabb (1977) offered three levels of counseling to be used in the local church. The first one that should be implemented is educating the believers of the local church with the strategies and method of biblical counseling. His second level is exhortation in counseling. He defined exhortation as the requirement of the use of the Scripture and Biblical principles in counseling. The third level of counseling is to promote Christ-likeness that pleases God in worship and service, maturity is defined as obedience and character.
Primary Goal (What is the desired outcome?) Crabb’s (1977) primary goal of counseling is to be aware of what they are trying to do which is to…...

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