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20 February 2012
Ignorance Killed the Cat
In “Making the Grade” by Kurt Wiesenfeld and “In Praise of the F Word” by Mary Sherry, both authors establish an issue with the grading system in schools. Somewhere along the line, love for knowledge died and a generation of indolent students were born. They both however, point the finger of blame in different directions. Wiesenfeld claims society has molded the student to believe he/she can simply charm their way to good grades, whereas Sherry holds complete liability in the pampering of high school teachers.
In the materialistic world we live, it’s easy for Wiesenfeld to grasp how love for knowledge has diminished. Fast fortune with little effort is what humanity has convinced its people to be the new American dream. Students view college as a place to be handed grades which can then “be traded for what has value: a degree, which means a job, which means money. The one thing college actually offers – a chance to learn – is considered irrelevant, even less than worthless, because of the long hours and hard work required” (1). Far too many students attend class solely to pass rather than to better their education. He posits this nonchalant attitude towards grades to become dangerous when unqualified graduates enter the work force.
Sherry suggests a different source to the problem. Many high school teachers are hesitant to fail a student in hope to be doing him/her a favor; conversely, this is quite the opposite. Without fear of failure, there is no motivation to learn. Teachers must start flunking more students if they want to literacy rate to go up. “This means no more doing Scotts assignments for him because he might fail. No more passing Jodi because she’s such a nice kid” (3). It is illogical to expect anything but lazy from an unworthy student who continues…...

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