Comparison of the Book of John and the Quran Chapter 4

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Comparison of Book of John versus Quran – Chapter 4, Al Nisa, Women
The purpose of this paper is to provide my layman’s comparison of The Book of John from the Bible and Chapter 4, Al Nisa, Women of the Quran.
My primary impression of the two books are that they are vastly different in how they read. The Book of John reads like a story, a narrative per say while Chapter 4 of the Quran reads much like a legal document or contract. The two books are very different and deliver very different messages to the reader.
The Quran, Chapter 4 focus’ on women, it outlines their rights and their obligations. This chapter covers subjects such as a woman’s rights, how orphans are to be treated, inheritance, their obligations, modesty, behavior, tremendous and unparalleled sins, ethical issues, weapons, polygamy and men’s superiority over them.
Female orphans can marry their guardian, if they wish. She is entitled to her fair dower. However, if she has poor relatives then they should be present at the time her inheritance is disbursed so that they may claim a share of it, that way they are not disappointed. If a woman is not an orphan and inherits from a family members death there is a very distinct division of property. Women (daughters) are entitled to a one-sixth share. A man (sons) would receive the equivalent of two sisters, or one-third. If an adult child dies and has no heirs then the parents inherit their property, one-third to the mother, two-thirds to the father. There are multiple scenarios on how property is to be split within this portion of the chapter.
Lewd and lascivious behavior is address for both women and men. Women who are found guilty of committing sexual immorality are either confined indoors for life or can repent and marry their partner. If men commit homosexual acts, both are punished, they must repent and abstain from such behavior.

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