Conflict Metaphor-Gaming the Conflict

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Conflict Meaphor
Gaming the Conflict

Gaming the Conflict In Western culture, sports metaphors are ubiquitous, and this includes language involving conflict. Use of sports language can cut through a lot of verbiage to convey easily understood concepts. This works well when the other parties in conflict are mutually acquainted with the culture and language of sport. If a metaphor cannot be understood by all parties it is inappropriate to accurately frame the conflict or concept (Emery, 2010). Sports metaphors often have the following characteristics: • Assumes a defeat for one of the parties involved in the conflict. • Implies working within a well-understood set ground rules for engagement. • Presumes strategic planning or finesse can accomplish objective(s). To assume a defeat for one of the parties in conflict can preclude the possibility of a win-win option. While sports metaphors are generally used in the context of a winner and a loser, they can also impart an implied opportunity (Wilmot & Hocker, 2014). Competing for position or ideas can also include the possibility for a satisfactory resolution for all parties. At The United States Institute of Peace Sports and Peacebuilding Symposium, participants explored sports contributions to peacemaking efforts and the effectiveness of sports metaphors. It was recognized that “Sports speaks a language of its own that can be translated seamlessly from one culture to another” (Perreault, 2010). Terms like dancing in the end zone, home court advantage, or a decisive blow, all imply a single focus for a victory over an opponent. On the other hand, to be on a level playing field, in the huddle, or in formation, implies a collaborative effort to resolving a conflict. When using a sports metaphor we assume that the other parties involved are working within an…...

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...During times of conflict we are tested, conflict can evoke the best and worst out of individuals based on how they react and cope with it, without conflict we can never know what we are truly capable of. Many figures throughout history have shown how conflict brings out the best and the worst in them; this is also shown in the film Paradise road which is directed by Bruce Beresford. The My Lai massacre is an example of how conflict brings out the best and the worst and people, the My Lai massacre was when a group of American soldiers couldn’t cope with the stress of Guerrilla Warfare against the Vietcong troops, and under their lieutenants command they fired upon the village of My Lai decimating all inhabitants which included women and children. This is a clear example of how conflict brought out the worst in these individuals, they war in a foreign land and the constant stress of being killed finally tore them up internally so they open fired and killed innocent civilians. Although it seems that only the worst arose from the conflict in My Lai, some of the best did come from it, an example is the brave chopper pilot Hugh Laury so put himself and his men on the line to save the civilians. Laury even went as far as ordering his men to fire on the American troops if they didn’t stop shooting at the Vietnamese village; this is a clear cut example of how the best of a person can arise from conflict, his morality didn’t waver , even in the face of the evil around and amongst......

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...Conflict, Decision Making and Organizational Design BUS 520 Dr. Johnson March 8, 2012 Conflict, Decision Making and Organizational Design Negotiation Strategies Having conflict (disagreement or fight) at your job is common because of the diverse combination of people with different personalities. Conflicts can take place when one employee feels as if another employee is not sharing their load of responsibility or the conflict may be against management when employees think they are not appreciated or that their input is not being taken into consideration. There are many types of conflicts that may occur. Corrine Bendresky (2003) notes that the workplace is more diverse with more woman and different minorities, different nationalities, and a mixed of assorted backgrounds and experiences which means new types of conflicts are being experienced that might not have occurred fifty years ago. Research has shown that continued conflict in the workplace that is not addressed, can become problematic to the productivity of the employees and affects the morale of the place. Most organizations have a formal conflict resolution system already in place. According to Kirk Blackard (2001), the procedures for the polices normally consist of going through a chain of command or using an open-door policy In the past there has been several ways that human resources have handled conflicts between employees. Such as conflicts in schools between students, one plausible situation......

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...Conflicts are inevitable. All of us can get into a conflict. Sometimes little arguments lead to an intense conflict. Also, sometimes people overcome their conflicts quickly. I believe that conflicts can be easily resolved because it teaches people how to deal with situations like that, and leads people to think about the conflicts. Conflicts can be easily resolved for it teaches people how to deal with situations like that. It means that people learn from their mistakes. Also, if the person has enough background about dealing with conflicts, he/she will be able to resolve it easily. The ways we deal with conflicts make it easy to solve. According to the reading, “Conflict and the way you deal with it can, in fact, have more positive than negative effects”. The people can solve their conflicts easily because they get in conflicts sometimes, and that gives them the opportunity to solve it easily. For example, according to the listening, when the lady was talking her colleague interrupted her, and then she told him that she didn’t finish talking yet and reminded him to respect other people when speaking. We can understand from this that because of her knowledge in dealing with conflicts, she was able to solve it quickly before it increase into serious fight! Another reason why conflicts can be easily resolved is that it leads people to think about the conflict. It is important step to think about the conflict in order to solve it easily. That is because it gives the person...

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...Conflict An issue everyone faces day on a daily basis is conflict, as it is inevitable. Conflict is a natural part of the environment, yet it is very difficult to understand. Conflict arises from a disagreement when groups have opposing goals and see the other party as interfering with their ability to reach a desired goal (“Organizational Conflict Scale: Reexamining the Instrument.” 16). A conflict can be minor or major. As well as positive or negative, depending on the way it is handled. An organization needs a minor amount of conflict as it helps boost performance and increase communication by creating a positive effect, known as a constructive conflict (“Organizational Conflict Scale: Reexamining the Instrument.” 8). The type of conflict that has a negative effect on an organization and causes damage is destructive conflict (“Organizational Conflict Scale: Reexamining the Instrument.” 8). The National Hockey League has had many conflicts over the past two decades which has cause tension and lockouts. There are different types of conflicts. In the NHL the conflict that arose was an inter-group conflict. An inter-group conflict is classified as disagreement among groups of people (Bauer 234). One example of this is a conflict between an employee union and management. The NHL lockout was a labor dispute between the NHL Players Union and the National Hockey League. The underlying causes were over the league revenue share between players and owners and rules on contracts......

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...Friends are just friends because they really do come and go. That is what I learned is the last few months of high school. I am credible because I was part of an ego conflict with my friend, researched interpersonal conflicts in Beebe’s textbook, and wrote this analysis. The central idea is that friends need to communicate effectively with each other before a misunderstanding can quickly turn into a conflict resulting the ending of a long friendship. The following analysis will explain the type of conflict that occurred, the type of conflict management style that was used by both parties and the four conflict management skills that could have improved the conflict. The introduction has been discussed; it is now time to move forward with the type on conflict that occurred. As defined by Beebe, Beebe, & Ivy (2013), “Ego conflict is in which the original issue is ignored as partner attack each other’s self-esteem” (Pg. 225). On March of 2013, I had to miss about three weeks of school or so, due to an unfortunate event with my family. At the time, my best friend was carpooling to school with me. Since I am the type of person who keeps problems to herself, I sent my friend a brief text saying, ”Hey, I will not be able to give you a ride to school for the past month or so. I will be in and out, mostly out of school, for a while.” After, I sent the text; I never got a reply or text from her. For that period of time, I only came to school for about half an hour, once or twice a week...

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... March 19, 2013 The Experiential Learning Activity served as a significant tool to put the process of conflict mapping into perspective. Conflict mapping is a type of model that simplifies a complex social conflict such as the ones taking place in Voinjama, Liberia. It emphasizes the most important elements and systematically asks questions about issues, parties, strategies, and key components. When developing a conflict map, it is also important to focus on the parties’ grievances, trigger events, and root causes of the conflict. Although conflict mapping is used to facilitate the analysis of the conflict, it can actually make the process harder since there are so many possible answers. Each person analyzing the conflict may have different viewpoints for the components that make up that specific conflict as a whole. There are no right or wrong answers because each idea could be vital in solving the specific problems in that conflict. The reality of this became applicable during the Experiential Learning Activity because each group felt differently about the specific issues going on in Liberia. During the Experiential Learning Activity, the class was split into teams in order to analyze the conflict through the use of conflict mapping. As a group, it was decided that the parties involved in the conflict were the Mandingo and Loma. However, looking at the conflict in a broader sense it was decided that the government was another party involved because both the Mandingo...

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...A positive conflict style take you to your goal People involved in conflict often fall prey to biases that grossly distort what both parties are saying and meaning to say. Most of the time these conflicts turn into negative outcomes like physical abuse or really bad insults. Conflict according to Wilmot and Hocker defined it as an expressed struggle between at least two interdependent parties who perceive incompatible goals, scarce resources, and interference from others in achieving their goals. There are four strategies that emerge from confront or avoid and cooperate or compete decisions. These strategies are: negotiation, non-confrontation, direct fighting, and indirect fighting. Negotiation is when you want to manage the conflict in a considerate manner. You care about the other person’s wants and needs. This behavior is direct and cooperative. Negotiate is when one of the two persons accepts responsibility of his/her actions, discuss every pros and cons, ask for an apology when needed, and wants terminate the conflict and be OK with the other person. The other person agrees to work on the disagreement, excuses the other person, paraphrase whatever the other person said, and has a positive mind reading, then when everything is resolved positive physical interactions and positive remarks are necessary. Non-confrontation attempts to downgrade or evade discussion of the conflict, but in a cooperative manner and no confront is needed. In a way you deny that there is a......

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...CONFLICT T he success or failure of any organization is dependent upon the use of its indigenous, collective energies. When procedures are clear, the "esprit de corps" is high, and the business is said to be productive. But whenever people come together in one setting over a period of time, you can always expect conflict to find itself in the midst. The Webster’s dictionary defines conflict as a sharp disagreement or opposition of interests or ideas but from a more objective perspective, conflict is “a state in which one party perceive that another party has, or is about to negatively impact something that is important to the first party” (Robbins, 2006). The key word to note in this definition is “perceives”. Perceive is a concept that occurs within the mind. It is one’s interpretation of a situation or thing and does not necessarily have to be true. That might explain why on many occasions, a conflict that arises; may be unnecessary or misguided and result in wasted time. Causes of Conflict A s you may discern, the causes of conflict are numerous and each has their own accompanying challenges. Within the organization however, C. Brooklyn Derr in his book Major Causes of Organizational Conflict: Diagnosis for Action, stated that there are six (6) main causes of conflict: 1) The interpersonal disagreements that arise when one person is experiencing individual stress. People bring their whole selves to the workplace and they......

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...are common to work in a teams. Conflict is defined as disagreement between individuals. Conflict can arise among members within a team or between one team and another. Conflict refers to antagonistic interaction in which one party attempts to block the intentions or goals of another. Competition, which is rivalry among individuals or teams, can have a healthy impact because it energizes people toward higher performance. Whenever people work together in teams, some conflict is inevitable. Bringing conflicts out into the open and effectively resolving them is one of the team leader’s most challenging jobs. Conflict in corporate teams is fine as long as team immediately works toward a solution. The role of conflict in work teams is determined by the manner in which it is managed. Conflict is a driving force of change that can result in improved decision-making processes and progressive team development. However, teams must learn to be confrontational without destroying the team process. Teams are able to handle conflict and perform at a high level by following a framework of communication needed for managing conflict constructively and capable to mediate their own conflicts, improve both productivity and member relationships. Teams are typically made up of a diverse group of individuals, each member possessing different capabilities and skills. This element is what makes the use of teams so advantageous; however, diversity can also create conflict. Therefore, it is important......

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...Why conflict occurs is less important than how it effects people. The world is less safe than it has ever been. The myriad of problems, conflicts, and catastrophes we find ourselves in are being documented hourly in blogs, in documentaries, on talk radio, and even with growing frequency, in the mainstream media. It is natural then that the question on all our lips is “why? “. If not, it should be. To reason is innate to human nature. When we encounter conflict we are obliged to “assume a pose”. Conflict’s inevitability and relentless nature necessitates a reaction; a choice. Unfortunately as Karl Marx famously elucidated, “reason has always existed but not in a reasonable form”. As 2014 has unfurled, the world has been forced to find reason in two incongruous disasters in a matter of months. In March, Boeing passenger flight 370, with 239 people on board, disappeared off radar. It seemingly vanished. Such an inexplicable event was understandably met with a public response which ranged from incredulity to disdain. We needed reasons why. So when the answers didn’t come, beyond the inevitable conspiracy theories, the collective reaction was one of resignation. But when the tragic horror of the shooting down of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 was reported only months later, with the additional loss of almost 300 lives, our reaction was not so passive. It was not just answers we sought, we also needed to apportion blame. Whether because of human error, mechanical error, or......

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...Conflict PSY 285 September 20, 2015 Conflicts have more than one cause. Personal differences, miscommunications and personal differences can all cause conflicts.. Conflict can be cause by personal differences in more than one way. If a person has a set of personal difference that they contribute to their beliefs and action conflict can arise if that person actions and beliefs are challenged. For instance is a person whom believes that homosexuality is a wrong, will have problem working with another person whom is openly homosexual. Due to the personal differences conflict can be a result. Miscommunications due to assumptions and, expectations lead to conflicts. When picking up a younger sibling from school and you give them a snack everyday. A conflict can occur if the expectations are not met. If innuendos are used in a conversation or the speaker is not direct it conflict can be a result as well. When communication is broken down, a breach of communication can commonly be discovered and resolve conflict. Although when trying to resolve conflict it is common for others involved in the conflict to be frustrated with logical thinking and behavior. Discussing the issue is the people that are involved with the conflict are the best route for reconciliation. Conflict can a cause people involved with the issue to stop speaking to each other. When this happens the issue grows and the conflict can grow as well. Discussing the issue can not only prevent it from growing but...

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...f Associate Level Material Conflicts Are Important Worksheet In this assignment, you must write 300 to 450 words on conflict and conflict management. Record your answers in this worksheet. Part 1: The Five Conflict Types Describe each of the five conflict types using paragraph form. Conflict is important and it is also important to recognize the different types of conflicts that you may be involved with. By knowing this, you can recognize the state of mind you’re in and if possible avoid it. Pseudo conflicts are one of the five different types. These are not real conflicts, they are only perceived as conflicts. Pseudo conflicts can result from two causes: faulty assumptions and false dilemmas. Mistaking assumptions for facts may explain many pseudo conflicts. Pseudo conflicts that result from false dilemmas occur when the parties involved see only two choices as solutions to a problem. Another is Fact conflicts. These kinds of conflicts are at hand when individuals disagree about information that could easily be verified whether by statics or some other resource. Ego conflicts occur when a dispute centers on status or power. This reminds of two of my cousins when they let their egos get in the way of them winning their athletic competitions. Even though it was obvious that Steve was more of an athletic guy than Mark, Mark always felt like he had something to prove. Instead of them continuing to be on the same time for these competitions, Mark felt as though...

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