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As we know that one of the factors the formation of consumer behavior is GROUP. And one of the marketer in the world was proove it : “attitude and behavior are influenced by many small groups. A group where people are having direct influence is called the membership group. Group Membership consists of two, includes primary groups (family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers) and secondary groups is more formal and routine interactions have a little (religion groups, professional associations and trade unions)”. (Kotler, Bowen, Makens, 2003, pp. 203-204)
1. What are some products or services that are widely used by your social group?
Coke (coca cola) & iPhone Inc
2. Do these products or services help you form bonds with your group? If yes, give examples.
Apple Inc
Of course apple products already considered the exclusive smartphone in the world and one of the ways to achieve it by choosing the right apple inc marketing strategies. just look at some apps that can make us closer to the people around us, for example: facetime, face time with we can video call like skype, then find iphone application we can know that people around us who use iphone, use iphone camera we can take picture every moment with the people closest to, and with our iphone email application can easily send documents or important files quickly. So thats way im using apple product.
Apple made specifically for the iPhone's official website where users can log in to the site to dig up all kinds of things on their iPhones, ranging from the use of the iPhone general instructions, tips and tricks as well as updates of the latest series of applications. so as to encourage iphone users to interacting.

Coke (coca cola)
Coke is perfect for a drink while chatting with the people closest family and friends. It shows that these drinks could be closer to each other means.
Still, key “passion points”…...

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