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Jenina Kamille C. Cunanan LIT14: Section R05
1 – BS Management Information Systems Short Paper 2

CONTRASTING NOTES: Imagery Through Statements in Ophelia A. Dimalanta’s “Contrapuntal”
“..I love you..” – One of the most often used phrases ever, it never fails to get people’s hearts going, especially with Valentine’s Day this week. But what is love exactly? We could look it up in the dictionary, but it will only give us the bare definition. Ophelia Dimalanta gives us a sensory definition through her poem “Contrapuntal”, using statements that lead to images. Love, or rather the idea of it, can sometimes ensnare us so much that we compromise it; if not that, we take it for granted by not expressing ourselves fully. She uses two different emotions to define love, which leads us to this question – how do you love someone anyway?
In the poem, the personas have contrasting ideas about how to (or how not to) express their emotions, particularly about one another. The personas are most likely in a relationship, but with opposite views on things, specifically when it comes to their feelings for one another. The first one to speak is the man, who seems like the silent type from the first few lines. “Love is voiceless, lying still deep down…” compares love to something hidden, and should remain that way for a long time. He sounds like the type of the guy who would leave things just as they are, without taking any action, and is best proven by the line, “…Best untroubled, without a name”.
On the other hand, we have the woman. “Extract it excise it. Hymn it holy or drivel it loose…” shows that she just wants to feel that she is loved, mainly when the man tells or shows her. She wants his love for her to be known by all. This is followed by “Hurl it strong…Splurge it on thick or slather over body…” which suggests her wanting him to love her the way she thinks a…...

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