Coping Strategies of Fourth Year Students in Santa Rosa Science High School During Examination for the School Year 2011-2012 (Research Proposal)

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A thesis presented to the faculty of Polytechnic University of the Philippines

In partial fulfillment of all the requirements on RH 630 Research Seminar I Master in Educational Management


Ms. Jesusa G. Habig

Summer 2011
Chapter I



In schools, every student guaranteed to have tests. Unfortunately, many students do not handle the stress taking exams well. Despite what some people might think, all stress is not bad. How students cope with stress is different story. If the student is able to take exam stress, feeling and forcing oneself to act in a positive way, such as studying effectively, stress can be good. Not coping well with exam stress however can make attending school difficult.
Learned resourcefulness theory suggests that people high in resourcefulness can minimize the negative effect of stress on their performance, therefore they can do better than less resourceful individuals under stressful conditions (Rosenhaum, 1990). The purpose of this study is to determine the coping strategies of fourth year high school students of Santa Rosa Science and Technology High School during examinations and to investigate the effects of coping strategies on students’ satisfaction and academic achievement. It will help students and teachers have a satisfying teaching and learning relationship.

Statement of the Problem

The main problem of this study is to determine the different coping strategies employed by fourth year students during examinations of Santa Rosa Science and Technology High School during the school year 2011-2012 and to investigate the effects of coping strategies on students’ satisfaction and academic achievement. Based on the major problem, the specific problems…...

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