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Consultation report for Coy Manufacturing | | This consulting report was conducted by SWK Consulting: Jennifer Scotto, Stephen Waidley and George Keatinge | |
SWK Consulting
“Taking your organization to new heights”

1.0 Background Information
1.1 Company Information
Coy Manufacturing, headquartered in Whiting, Indiana, is an aluminum manufacturer with major production operations in the United States, Australia and Latin America. The company manufactures a wide range of aluminum products for the automotive, beverage, and retail industries.
1.2 Scope of Work
SWK Consulting was hired to: 1. Provide an overview of the current labor market conditions. 2. Outline the advantages and disadvantages of work benefit programs. 3. Conduct an analysis on Coy Manufacturing’s work benefits to provide recommendations that will benefit Coy Manufacturing’s employee retention rate and growth of the organization. 4. Any other changes that will improve the work outcomes that management at Coy Manufacturing are concerned about.
2.0 Overview of current labor market conditions
The Bureau of Labor Statistics (July 2013) outlined in a recent study that employer-provider medical care was available to 85% of full time industry workers in the United States in March 2013. The following statistics were also found: 1) 64 percent of private industry employees had access to retirement benefits, 2) paid holidays were available to 97 percent of management, business, and financial employees and 3) 72 percent of private employees that worked full time had access to life insurance benefits (BLS website, 2013).

Chart 1. Full and part-time workers: Access to selected benefits, private industry, March 2013

Chart 2. Establishments by employment size: Access to selected benefits, private industry, March 2013

3.0 The advantages associated with organizations…...

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