Crested Geckos

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The Crested Gecko
Daniel A. Sanchez
September 18, 2013
Lee Hornbrook

The Crested Gecko

The New Caledonian Crested Gecko is one of the most sought out reptiles in the herptoculture hobby today. This medium-sized gecko has all the qualities of what to expect of a pet lizard. They combine their sheer beauty and low maintenance and docile tempers, making it an all around great pet to own (Rhacodactylus, p. 16). In the herpetological society, the crested gecko’s popularity has grown above hobbyist, into the hands of many first time pet owners, giving a first time experience made easy. According to Fester, (2007) “the rare Crested Gecko thought to be extinct but rediscovered in New Caledonia in 1994” (fester’ at Ireland zoo). Authors De Vosjoli and Fast (2003) “visited the Isle of Pines and in their turn collected and brought back specimens of the crested gecko to the United States” (p. 17). The crested gecko comes in many different colors and patterns from plain buckskin to a more exotic harlequin pattern and colors ranging from red to orange, showing us their beauty. For example, our family keeps a red harlequin patterned gecko that has a cream crest and a brick red body. The crested gecko eats mainly fruit and can be kept in a small enclosure taking up a small corner in the house. Their temperament is calm and can be hand trained over s short period of time, making a great experience for the kids. My 8-year-old daughter holds her crested gecko once every other day and finds it easy to hold. There is not much to argue to consider this reptile the ideal pet for children and hobbyists. Since I have bought this gecko for my daughter, our experience with this reptile is the best yet. Crested geckos are exceptional pets for kids because they are low-maintenance.
One of the benefits of owning a crested gecko is its size. De vosjoli, Fast, Repashy (2003)…...

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