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M. Marks 15 Attempt only three questions- Question No. 4 is compulsory

MBA- II- Sem Production management

1. 2. 3. 4.

Management may choose to build capacity in anticipation of demand or in response to developing demand. Cite advantages and disadvantages of both approaches. Production is considered as a process of adding value to final product. Describe processes that contribute to addition to final product. What is production planning and control? What are the steps involved in PPC? Write short notes on : (Any Three)

a. Advantages of process layout. b. Mass and Batch Processing

c. EOQ d. Aggregate production planning

Organization may be viewed as systems. The system view is important to operations managers since: (a) The production /operation system is a part of firm or organization and (b) Within production/ operations function there are sub-systems. Explain.

Time 30 Min

M. Marks 15 Attempt only three questions- Question No. 4 is compulsory

MBA- II- Sem Production management

1. Management may choose to build capacity in anticipation of demand or in response to developing demand. Cite advantages and disadvantages of both approaches. 2. Production is considered as a process of adding value to final product. Describe processes that contribute to addition to final product. 3. What is production planning and control? What are the steps involved in PPC? 4. Write short notes on : (Any Three)

A. B.

Advantages of process layout. Mass and Batch Processing

C. EOQ D. Aggregate production planning

5. Organization may be viewed as systems. The system view is important to operations managers since: a. The production /operation system is a part of firm or organization and b. Within production/ operations function there are sub-systems. Explain.…...

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