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6. The dialogue between Julius and Gerry demonstrated nonverbal communication in between their dialogues. While one was talking the other the other communicated with their facial expressions of disagreement and anger (Schmeidler, 101). It gives a sign of how one feels while taking in what is said to them before it’s their turn to respond and protect their argument. Both were attempting to achieve dominance over the other in their debate (Schmeidler, 98). 8. When Gerry and Julius argue they can arguably be participating in intercultural communication due to the differences of their backgrounds (Schmeidler, 147). During the time period of Remember the Titans, African-Americans had a co-culture living in a larger and more Caucasian-dominant nation (Schmeidler, 146). This was not limited to the Titans football team with more white fans which led to Julius arguing why the black players aren’t treated as fair as the white players. Despite also communicating nonverbally during their confrontations, they understood each other more clearly coming from low-context cultures in which “people derive much information from the words of a message and less information from nonverbal and environmental cues (Schmeidler, 147). They derived much information from each other through words from a heated argument on who’s right. Aside from the town that lacked collectivism towards African-Americans, Gerry acknowledged that the T.C. Williams Titans must rely on a more collectivistic culture, which values collaboration, teamwork, and group achievement (Schmeidler, 149). However, Julius doesn’t believe his argument stating that Gerry doesn’t care about the black athletes, which causes Julius to have a more individualistic culture valuing personal achievement (Schmeidler, 149). The argument between Julius and Gerry, though, would lead to a higher value of a collectivistic culture after…...

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