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Summary of 5 Date Center Trends for 2013
Author: Lei Tan
Professor: Mr. Curtis Floyd
Course: MISM 3301 H1
Date: 2-22-2013

Executive Summary
With global warming and increased power cost, many companies are trying to innovate their date centers in order to cut down the operating costs. Charles Babcock, the author and columnist of Informationweek.com, has wrote “5 Data Center Trends for 2013” to explain that five important trends we can expect to see gain strength in 2013. In Mr. Babcock’s article, he presents that energy efficiency is what one data center concerns that overwhelms all other things, even more than hardware purchase and labor for operations. The cost of energy has risen to 25% of total operating costs. Therefore, it is one of most important things that innovating data center in order to cut down cost and keep company competitive.
Mr. Babcock presents five data center trends such as location drives energy efficiency, using natural gas, the rising of the port-a-data-center, the development of DTrace, and new renewable energy forms. He explains that many enterprises are trying to locate their data centers to somewhere summer nights are cool and winters cold because the right location can drive energy consumption lower. He gives an example of Facebook that it located its new data centers in Prineville, Ore and Forest City, N.C. Facebook built this energy-efficient data center by suing a misting technique with ambient air because it can cool the facility without an air conditioning system. This decision drove the power usage effectiveness down to 1.09 which means Facebook saves almost half energy cost comparing with the average usage 2.0 of enterprises. This trend is driving new innovated equipment and designs in order to adapt new locations that drive energy efficiency. In addition, Mr. Babcock presents a fact that electricity purchased off the…...

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