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Descriptive Statistics Paper
Research and Evaluation I
July 20, 2011
Patricia Towne
University of Phoenix

Descriptive Statistics Paper
Last week, team C paper included a hypothesis that explained why gas prices were on the rise and the factors that play a part it in. This week, after further research and evaluation team C conducted intense research to support and confirm the articles that explained the different situations that involved crude oil and the reason why it plays a factor on the price of gasoline. Team C thoroughly conducted research with the help of the UOP library and many online sources to help aid in their investigation. There are numerous factors that play a part in the calculation of this data and this paper will focus on the information gathered with the use of calculation of descriptive statistics, frequency distribution, and histogram.
A part of descriptive statistics involves calculating the measures of central tendency and dispersion. Central tendency involves estimates of the mean, mode, and median. The mean can be used in describing central tendency. The mode is the most frequently occurring value in the set of scores (Lind, Marchal, Wathem, 2005). And the median is the score that is found at the exact middle of the set of values. By reviewing and analyzing the central tendencies of the data the below graph will help further explain the central tendency, dispersion, and skew for team C’s data.
Looking over the histogram regarding gas prices around America, it shows that not only is Las Vegas feeling the pain at the pump but other states are as well. It has fluctuated over the past few years going from as low as $2.90 while reaching heights of $4.40. With the barrel of crude oil rising, and the summer months not far from being over, we may see a rise again. When collecting data you have to take into account all areas of the…...

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