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Decision-Making Process Paper
Jackie Gonzalez
June 9, 2014

Decision-Making Process Paper
Making decisions is something most all do on a daily basis. How do you know if you make the correct decision? There are many factors to be taken in consideration while in the process for decisions. For example, when you make a personal decision to take on a new job role; knowing how to evaluate all aspects becomes crucial.
About a year ago, I was offered a position within my organization as a Sales and Service Advisor. I knew from the beginning my current position as a Sr. Branch Associate was not where I wanted to stay at, so I began to evaluate my options. I brainstormed all the pros and cons of taking the new job role. I researched further as to how each pro and con would benefit and affect the organization, me directly, and my family. I came to analyze any potential risks, I would have based on my decision. Then, I had to determine what had more value and importance to me. From there on I made the choice to stay with my current job role. Even though from day one I knew I did not want to stay with the same position, I decided not to move because I would then be doing something that may have steered me away from my career goal.
In comparison to the material on Ch. 3 of Management: Leading and Collaborating in a Competitive World, I believe the decision making process I took was quite similar because both had a root cause for decision making, made an evaluation of choices, analyze the outcome, and made a decision. Because the decision process I used was very similar to the one in text, I can state with certainty my decision would have been the same. The steps may not have been in the same order but the concepts analyzed were the same.
In conclusion, using a decision making process is very important to all and any types of decisions. Knowing and analyzing…...

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