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This Project report details the design and development of a motorized car jack powered the 12 V DC electric outlets available in most modern cars. The motivations behind the project and the objectives and goals of the project are also discussed.
Although it was initial plans were to develop a pneumatically operated jack that would work on the car exhaust fumes, rough calculations showed that this idea would not be feasible for safe operation. We later settled on the project idea of a conventional scissor jack that would be operated electrically through the cigarette lighter outlet.
Moving further there were two options available – design a scissor jack form the ground up or to retrofit existing jacks with a motor. It was collectively decided to opt for the retrofit. Pros and cons of this are discussed in the report.
The report provides comparisons of the various component selections and the reasons behind the selection. The main goal was to find creative ideas to keep costs low and to increase safety margins as high as possible.

AN automotive jack is a device used to raise all or part of a vehicle in order to facilitate repairs. It is an indispensable tool for any vehicle.owner. Anybody who has owned and driven car for a substantial time has had to use a jack to replace a tire at some point. Most people are familiar with the basic car jack (manually operated) that is still included as standard equipment with most new cars. Not only is it used in case of emergencies such as a flat tire, it is also an important part of vehicle maintenance as tire rotation or changing to snow tires in winter can be done at home. However in spite of a great deal of advancement in automotive technologies, using an car mechanical jack is not a very pleasant experience. The physically challenged and less athletic amongst us may be able to…...

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