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Questions to answer per initiative:
What are we trying to achieve/what is the objective around each initiative?
What tools or resources could be utilised as examples

Create service offering site on SharePoint

To store documents, actions and resources relating to the development and finalisation of the service offering.

Who or what tools?
Solutions Administrator to create.

(Sales and Marketing – Service Offerings – Site Actions – New Site – Blank and Custom – Create – Title (offering name) –URL Name (offering name abbreviated)

Business Model Canvas (Print and complete - continually amending as the below initiatives are defined)

To capture the fundamental building blocks in developing a new service offering.

Who or what tools?

(Print BMC on A3 – complete and constantly update categories throughout development of offering)

Service Offering Product Description Statement

To define and capture the key activities, benefits and value of a new service offering.

Who or what tools?

(Save template to the Shared Documents area of the service offering working site ‘ Product Description Statement)

Marketing Plan

To allow for and capture careful planning and a comprehensive understanding of the marketplace in order to develop a business strategy that will ensure the highest opportunity of success.

Who or what tools?

(Save template to the Shared Documents area of the service offering working site ‘ Marketing Plan’)


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