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My story on Diana Ross and the things she has accomplish in her life have inspired me. I have always loved Ms. Ross and what she stands for a go getter, loving, caring and beautiful woman. Ms. Ross has open a brand new world for a lot of black artist of her time, the paths that she has paved for young black female artist are breath taken. She set the stage for how hard work and motivation along with preservation go hand in hand. Ms. Ross was the key element of the Supremes her up-tempo vocals kept her as the lead soloist on most of the songs performed with the group. She impressed when he first heard her voice and he new he had a winner for his record label. Even though it took some years before Ms. Ross performed as a solo artist she still performed with the Supremes until the end. Ms. Ross hit the top of the charts when she became a solo artist and never looked back for several years. She kept the lime life going as she stared in sitcoms, movies, talk shows. Ms. Ross is still singing here and there but mostly spending a lot of time with her family. She is one awesome lady, who I admire and love… My Story on Diana Ross
My paper is on the real Diana Ross, who born at Hutzel Women’s Hospital in Detroit, Michigan on March 26, 1944. She was the second eldest of Ernestine, a schoolteacher, and Fred Ross, Sr., a former United States Army soldier. Diana Ross’s real name is Diana Ernestine Earl Ross there was a story to be told if Diana’s name ended in “a” or an “e”. She said her actual name is “Diane” it was a clerical error that resulted in her name being “Diana” on her birth certificate. She went by the name “Diane at home and at school, her yearbook listed her as “Diana” and in 1963, when The Supremes released their first album; she listed her name as “Diana”. Ms. Ross grandfather John E. Ross, a native of Gloucester County, Virginia, he was born to…...

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