Differences in American Nd Nigerian Cultures

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A ten-item questionnaire containing various descriptions of school-related characteristic which have been found to adversely affect pupils academic performance was administered on 809 teachers and 1012 students of secondary schools from ten randomly selected states in Nigeria. The respondents ranked the characteristics in terms of their degree of effect on pupil academic performance. The result showed that lack of resource materials for teaching, instructional strategies, teacher shortages and teachers’ attitude to work were rated more highly than other characteristics. The result further showed that while the teachers considered lack of resource materials for teaching as having the greatest degree of effect on pupils academic performance, the students on the other hand considered poor instructional strategies as having the greatest degree of effect on pupil academic performance.

On attaining Independence status as a nation in 1960 what seemed a major concern to most Nigerian leaders then was how education would be accessible to all citizens of the newly created nation. Education was seen as the necessary instrument immediately and essentially for the consolidation of the independence, for securing the new nation against neocolonianism and for making workable the newly established self government in a multi-ethnic society. Mass education, at least to the level of literacy, was also seen by the Nigerian leaders to be necessary to create a proper foundation for a democratic government (cf.Best, 1984) . The desire to use education for nation building was (and is still) very compelling and so much was the faith in education that the schools of the nation were not only meant for political socialization but also for other social functions and for economic…...

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...to bring out the cultural differences and misunderstandings between different culturs. To understand the culture differences and misunderstandig, it is imortant to know first what define a culture and the characteristics of culture. Since the page numbers are limited, I picked out what i think is important for this task. Most of the data gathered in this study was collected form the book communication between cultures, and from odher articles on the internet. Today we are very globalized, we can now contact easier with different cultures even though sometimes it ay be difficult, exchangen our ideas and have a free movement has leaded to countries to become more homogeneous society, which means that residents are consideret to be quite similar with immigrants. Introduction: We can define culture in different ways, but the definitions that meets the needs to explain culture very good is the definition by Tirandis which is: " Culture is set of human-made objective and subjective elements that in the past have incrased the probability of survival and resulted in satisfaction for the participants in an ecological niche, and thus became shared among those who could communicate with each other because they had a common language and they lived in the same time and place". As the book communicaton between cultures says first of all this definition highlights the essential feauters of culture, by referring to "human-made" and it makes it clear that culture is concrned with......

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...America as a Foreign Culture DeVita and Armstrong (2002) point out that it is difficult for an American student to truly appreciate the strangeness of our culture. We grow up with similar assumptions, the same language and follow the same patterns of behavior. Interestingly, outsiders take ass much for granted about American culture as Americans do. Distant Mirrors (2002) articles are written by anthropologists who have had their own experiences with every day American life, and are arranged in categories. It thought the goal of the anthology to better understand ourselves interesting at first when I began reading articles that seemed terribly misunderstood. I quickly realized that the point was that our cultural norms and values are often not noticed or realized by individuals within the culture and that our customs can seem extremely bizarre to individuals from other cultures. I have read approximately half of the book at this point and have found it very interesting. The first article by Ralph Linton, titled One Hundred Percent American, I found interesting. Historically, this country is based on immigrants who have assimilated into a single culture that is now considered American. I wonder what is truly American culture. Linton’s point is that what Americans consider 100% American is most commonly borrowed from other parts of the world. This is common sense to me as each immigrant culture brought along their values, norms and technologies upon assimilation. In my......

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