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GUIDED NOTES 3.08 - PE - Manage media planning and placement to enhance return on marketing investment • PI - Determine advertising reach of sport/event media • PI – Calculate media costs

I. Advertising Reach and Frequency a. Reach and frequency are both _________________________ measures of advertising – often used to determine costs of media i. _________________________ is the # of times you wish to expose a targeted audience to your advertisements ii. _________________________ is the # of people in a targeted audience exposed to an ad or campaign at least one time during a designated time period iii. _________________________ is found by dividing the target audience exposed to the ad by the total target audience iv. Reach % = TA ÷ TTA 1. Example: The total target audience for the Carolina Tar Heels Football team is 1,500,000 and those exposed during an ad campaign is 375,000 2. _________________________÷ _________________________ = 25% 3. So ______________ of the total target audience saw the ad at least one time v. _________________________, subscriptions or _________________________ are best used to determine & calculate reach data vi. _________________________– is effective for consumer convenience goods like toothpaste (simple features) vii. _________________________ - # or % of consumers in a targeted audience exposed to an ad a specific minimum # of times (more appropriate for targeted SEM consumers) WHY?

II. Media Costs – How to determine? a. _________________________ (size of the audience) i. Is the most significant factor affecting media costs ii. In most cases, the _________________________ the media vehicle’s audience, the _________________________ the cost of advertising space or time will be. b. _________________________: Price lists showing rates for space or time c.…...

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...promotional activities for major athletic organization.  Managed and planned an operating budget of $1.5 million, consisting of equipment and facilities.  Developed marketing campaign for university’s sports program, resulting in 30% overall increase in attendance at sporting events. SKILLS Computer: Microsoft Office, WordPerfect, Lotus123, PowerPoint and Harvard Graphics Language: Fluent in Spanish AWARDS/ACTIVITIES Member, MBA Association, 1997-Present Member, MBA Investment Club, 1997-Present Volunteer, Gainesville Boys and Girls Club Dean’s List, four semesters Use your word processing system’s bulleting function; circular bullets only Bottom margin should be .1 size larger Use Times New Roman for all text (Figure 1. Chronological Résumé Format) ...

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...Resume | Personal Particular | | Name | : Suilin Jauding | | Age | : 24 | | Gender | : Female | | Material Status | : Single | | Date of birth | : 12 December 1987 | | Religion | : Christian | | Place of birth | : Hospital Lotong, Kota Marudu | | Nationality | : Malaysian | | MyKad No. | : 871212-12-5262 | | Mailing Address | : Kg. Puhus P.O.Box 281 89257 Tamparuli, Sabah. | | Hand phone No | : 014-8640389 | | Email | : | | | Personal Strength | Adaptable to any situation, hard worker, determined, punctual, able to prioritize, believe in myself, Able to work under pressure, keeps emotion hidden, does not get upset easily, I have the ability to cope with failures and try to learn from my mistakes, full commitment to my work, love to learn new things. I like to work in team and have been an active participant, well organized and like to be neat with all of my work, I am a quick learner. I have great problem-solving skills and willing to learn new things to get the job done, able to work independently with minimal supervision. | Career Objective | To serve an organization where my skills and capabilities would be exploredin the best way for the organization benefit as well as my career. | Academic Qualification | Higher Educated LevelField of Study : Bachelor of Economics Major : Planning and Development of Economics Minor : Business Institute/University : University Malaysia Sabah,......

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