Dr. Narendran’s Dilemma

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Dr. Narendran’s Dilemma

For requirements of the course

Written Analysis and Communication – I (2011-12)

(Assignment -1)

Prof. Meenakshi Sharma
Academic Associate: Nameeta Chandra

Section B

Date of Submission: July 2, 2011




To: Dr. Narendran, [do not use colon]


Indian Medicine (Siddha) College.

From: XYZ [do not use colons]


Date: xx/xx/2011


Subject: Report on analysis and recommended plan of action for Ramkumar’s proposal

Enclosed is [the] report detailing the decision to be taken regarding Dr. Ramkumar’s proposal that Indian Medical (Siddha) College should file for patent of new drug, for treatment of atherosclerosis. I recommend that Patent is taken [use filed instead of taken] and [a] one-time fee for license-transfer for production of drugs is opted.




Dr. Ramkumar has [had] approached you with [the] proposal that Indian Medical College should file [a] patent for his discovery of [the] new medicine, [comma not required] for treatment ofAtherosclerosis [spaces should be maintained].

A decision has to be arrived at [by] taking into account IMC’s problems [IMC’s problems have not been specifically stated in the case], [use and here instead of comma since the next point refers to Siddha and not IMC] objectives and also [the] welfare of Siddha [kindly be specific, can use propagation instead of welfare] system along with other factors like faculty motivation.

You can opt to reject the proposal or opt to [no need to use opt to here] file the patent and if you opt to file the patent, select the best possible way of using the license obtained from the patent. [Should have given the overview of the options and evaluated them in brief]

It is…...

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Dr Narendran's Dilemma

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