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When it comes to alcohol and alcohol related crimes especially death from drinking and driving, it is a touchy subject. However, when a crime is committed, justice has to be served and someone has to pay the price. The last person anyone would think to blame is the persons or party that provided the alcohol that lead to the crime that has been committed. I think the Dram shop laws is good when it comes to hitting the source to stop the crime but it also affects businesses and our economy, especially when it come to tax money. The real question is can we suffer as a society and economically to deter and prevent alcohol related crime and death. In my opinion, this theory/law will not work due to the fact that alcohol is not only widely used on a daily basis, but also because it will be extremely challenging and expensive to enforce the law. On top of all that, there will be a black market just for alcohol and/or people will start manufacturing their own and selling it at their own expense, just how marijuana is produced and sold illegally. If anything, the laws should be strict and less forgiving. We should not focus on the bars and social events that disrepute alcohol but focus more on what happens out on the streets and what or how we can do to prevent crimes and drinking and driving on a daily basis.
If this problem became more advertised and spoken about, i feel like it would be less of a problem and we would have more of an solution on our hands. Its widely known and talked about but not taken seriously. If we just change the way we present it and show the people how seriously this is and how much of an impact it has on not only families but also society as a whole.

On the other hand, restricting the sales of alcohol and pointing fingers at the source will not stop the majority of the crimes from happening, but will also open a new job demand to start a…...

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