Du Keystone Conference Initial Planning

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DU Keystone Conference: Initial Planning

Nina Edwards Toure Disso

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July 23, 2011

Founded in 1937 to save the waterfowl population during a North American drought also referred to as the dust bowl, Ducks Unlimited claims to be the world’s leader in wetlands and waterfowl conservation. In short its core mission is habitat conservation and it vision is to preserve wetlands and waterfowl for generations to come.

Ducks Unlimited will host its Keystone Conference in Charlottesville, NC, twenty one months from now. Two chapter members from each state in the US separated into ten different teams will work virtually on individual projects to be presented at the conference. These teams will not travel until the actual conference. An overall budget of 1.2 million dollars has been allocated for this project.

With the conference planned twenty one months from now, it is essential to stay on task with all scheduled task. This project could be split into four phases:

• Phase I: Secure conference/hotel locations

• Phase II: Secure vendors/external participants

• Phase III: Select team members, define teams, assign projects, begin communications/advertising

• Phase IV: Combine projects, finalize conference schedule

Most conference venues book well in advance. With the Charlottesville, NC location picked, the immediate focus should be on securing the dates for the event. Ideally, the conference venue will be close if not the same location as the hotel. Other items such as sound systems, projectors, cameras, should be taken into consideration when planning the venue as some locations provide these items as part of a package.

Since there are fifty states in the US, there will be a total of one hundred chapter members to work on the conference projects. Since the plan is to split these members into…...

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