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HRAC223 Lab Assignment
Shayne Woodhouse

1. What is the difference between an Extended Plenum design and Static Regain?

An Extended Plenum design contains one or two box like pieces of duct work that run from the original indoor plenum, with the same dimensions from the start to the end of the run. Branch runs to feed supply outlets are tapped into the extended plenum.

Static Regain is sizing the supply duct to ensure there is static pressure at all branches and outlets. Static regain can be used to design systems of any pressure or velocity. Duct velocities are systematically reduced over the length of the distribution layout, which allows the velocity pressure to convert to static pressure, offseting friction losses in the succeeding section of duct. Systems designed using static regain require little or no balancing.

2. What is a ductilator?

The Ductulator tool provides a quick and efficient way to size duct work according to friction, velocity, and depth clearance criteria. It can be handheld, or electronic

3. Are return and supply air ducts the same size? If not, which is larger?

No they are not the same size, Return air ducts are always larger

4. What is the difference between entraining and laminar diffusers?

Laminar flow diffusers typically have a perforated face, internal equalization baffles, and a sealed plenum. Integral high efficiency filters are optional. Face velocities are designed to be quite low to reduce the entrainment of room air and maximize comfort below the…...

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