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Edward Scissorhands directed by Tim Burton is a classic horror theme inspired by the story of Frankenstein, where an evil creature enters into a peaceful community and disrupts the calm. Burton, however, changes the horror genre and on many occasions turns the audience upside down by presenting a mixture of horror, comedy, romance and fairytale.

Even before watching the film, a person knows that it is not a complete horror. The advance publicity for Edward Scissorhands used the phrase 'the story of an unfinished gentle man' and posters showed a picture of a gloomily dark Edward with a butterfly resting on one of the sharp blades constituting his hands. Contrasting images such as these show the idea of a mixture of the romance and horror genres. Even without seeing publicity material, the choice of teen favorites Johnny Depp and Winona Ryder for lead roles suggests that this is a film aimed at the teenage kids. A close look at the opening sequence of Edward Scissorhands shows many of the conventions associated with the horror genre but these are offset by elements of comedy and romance. As the credits roll, the music, the graphics (names white on black, making jagged scissor shapes) and the colures of black and white show the relationship with the horror genre. We then see visual images associated with the conventional 'haunted house' (huge door closing, cobwebs, strange gadgets) yet the music becomes lighter, more frivolous and on closer inspection some of the gadgets look like toys, reminding the audience that this is not a horror film. The motif of falling snow, associated with Edward and used throughout the film, creates an atmosphere of tranquillity and romance which again contrasts with the horror images.

Colour and music are used to highlight the differences between the two 'worlds' of the film. The first time colour is used is when the grandma is telling…...

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