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Elections automated University-wide
By Akemi B. Aida and Nikki Q. Angulo
THOMASIANS did not have to endure long hours to know the results of the recent student council elections, with polls computerized University-wide for the first time this year.
All faculties and colleges, including UST’s two high schools, adopted the new polling system. Last year, only 10 colleges and faculties had automated elections.
Except for a brief power interruption last Feb. 20, which delayed voting at the Conservatory of Music, Education High School and UST High School, Tabon said the new polling scheme was “implemented well.”
“The loss of electricity supply caused a slight delay in voting in some colleges. But it did not affect the voters’ turnout because the election proceeded after the power supply returned,” said Abadenzio Rexzy Tabon, chairman of the Central Commission on Elections (Comelec).
Overall, voter turnout did not improve.
In last year’s elections, 22,515 Thomasians voted. This year, 22,229 students cast their votes, more than half of roughly 40,000 students in the University.
Tabon said a University-wide automated election was first proposed during the summer planning of Central Comelec officials. Thereafter, the Central Comelec met with officials of college-level Comelec units to discuss the plan.
The College of Nursing and the Faculty of Civil Law were the first to have automated elections two years ago.
Lack of resources hampered previous efforts to automate the polls. In previous elections, student leaders preferred to stay in school overnight, guard the counting of ballots, and wait for the proclamation of winning candidates.
However, Tabon said it was “time to create a new tradition in the University” and ensure honest and quick elections.
The Educational Technology Center provided technical support by hosting the software used…...

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