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2008 Financial Review
Eleven-Year Financial Summary
(Dollar amounts in millions, except per share data)

Fiscal Year Ended January 31, Operating results Net sales Net sales increase Comparable store sales increase in the United States(1) Cost of sales Operating, selling, general and administrative expenses Interest expense, net Effective tax rate Income from continuing operations Net income Per share of common stock: Income from continuing operations, diluted Net income, diluted Dividends Financial position Current assets of continuing operations Inventories Property, equipment and capital lease assets, net Total assets of continuing operations Current liabilities of continuing operations Long-term debt Long-term obligations under capital leases Shareholders’ equity Financial ratios Current ratio Return on assets(2) Return on shareholders’ equity(3) Other year-end data Wal-Mart Stores Segment Discount stores in the United States Supercenters in the United States Neighborhood Markets in the United States Sam’s Club Segment Sam’s Clubs in the United States International Segment Units outside the United States

2008 $374,526 8.6% 2% $286,515 70,288 1,798 34.2% $ 12,884 12,731 $ 3.16 3.13 0.88

2007 $344,992 11.7% 2% $264,152 64,001 1,529 33.6% $ 12,178 11,284 $ 2.92 2.71 0.67

2006 $308,945 9.8% 3% $237,649 55,739 1,178 33.1% $ 11,408 11,231 $ 2.72 2.68 0.60

$ 47,585 35,180 97,017 163,514 58,454 29,799 3,603 64,608 0.8 8.4% 21.1%

$ 46,982 33,685 88,440 151,587 52,148 27,222 3,513 61,573 0.9 8.8% 22.0%

$ 43,752 31,910 77,865 136,230 48,954 26,429 3,667 53,171 0.9 9.3% 22.9%

971 2,447 132 591 3,121

1,075 2,256 112 579 2,757

1,209 1,980 100 567 2,181

(1) For fiscal 2006 and prior years, we considered comparable store sales to be sales at stores that were open as of February 1st of the prior fiscal year and which had not been converted,…...

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