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to: John Doe manager from: Jim Doe subject: Teleconference software comparison and review date: August 16, 2011

Web Confrence Software review and comparison
Per your request I have reviewed several teleconference software options that would allow us the flexibility of holding our mandatory weekly status meetings from our home office offering rather than travelling to a meeting or using a telephone to communicate only verbally.
In review of the software, several factors were taken into consideration, this being: 1. Software expense 2. Support availability 3. Functionality 4. Performance 5. Ergonomics 6. User review
There are 3 major software vendors offering a very affordable solution for our needs at each site. With each site purchasing and using the same software, compatibility will not be an issue. Each of the pieces of software selected will offer the ability to record the meetings, allow a presenter mode that will allow individuals to control and lead sessions by having the ability to mute and offer public and private chat and allow enough connections to accommodate a meeting of the whole company if necessary. The table below contains the software name, cost and website to review and reference each product. Infinite Conferencing | $35.00 Per Site | http://www.infiniteconferencing.net/index.php | InterCall | $42.00 Per Site | http://www.intercall.com/ | Netviewer | $59.00 Per Site | http://www.netviewer.com/en/ |

The 3 software choices are listed in order of preference based on the criteria listed above. All software listed is completely compatible with our standard equipment and has 24 hour support available at no extra cost. I feel strongly that the purchase of either of these options would be an asset to each team in creating an efficient affordable means of effective communications with the greatest…...

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