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Recent Experience

KIUL/KYUL- 1240 &1310 July 2008 to Present Garden City, Kansas
Marketing Manager/Sports
♦ Started at KIUL without a client list, to this point I have created $6,500 a month in new sales for the station.
♦The voice of the Scott City Beavers.
♦Have served as Play-By-Play commentator, Color Analyst, Sideline Reporter, Hosted a coach’s show for the Garden City Community College, Garden City High School, and Scott City High School.
♦Currently have produced 25 new clients on the air through making client relationships in Scott City and Garden City.
♦Helped run staff since GM’s departure the last month and a half.

KSDB 91.9 RadioSeptember 2003 to May 2008Manhattan, Kansas
Assistant Sports Director, Play-by-Play Announcer & Color Analyst, Talk Show Host & Talent
♦ Play by Play and Color Announcer of KSU Mens and Womens Basketball, Football and Baseball
♦ Host and Talent of “Sports Talk”
♦ Assisted in the management of a staff of 18 employees
♦ Assisted in the management of game assignments, road games, bowl games, Big 12 tournament games, and NCAA tournament
♦ Produced game SPA’s in Abode Audition
♦ Facilitated and orchestrated the Board’s to provide games on Air through Scott’s Studio
♦ Conducted interviews with Kansas State University Coaches and players
♦ Assisted and Sport’s Anchored Channel 8 “Manhattan Matters”. Conducted interviews with Powercat Illustrateds, Tim Fitzgerald
♦ Assisted and conducted a Host Spot for “Sports Talk” at Willies Sports Bar and Grill

JUNCTION CITY GENERALSMay 2007 to PresentJunction City, Kansas
Statistician and Color Analyst
♦ Developed computer Stats using DQS Stats Software
♦ Color Analyst of the summer semi-pro team
♦ Made contact with coaches including the Michigan State and Hawaii…...

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