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Experiences of Students in UK and China
In recent years, as Chinese students in Britain population rise, the issues about differences and similarities between experiences of students in the two countries have been receiving increasing attention. Owing to the cultural differences between China and UK, the students in both have multitude of distinctions in experiences. Specifically, there are two main parts to analyze this topic, which is study experience and activity experience. From some researches about international students’ differences, the two groups regard to two particular education systems. Chinese students are constantly labeled “obedient” by students from other countries when they cooperate with each other in some programs. However, it cannot be denied that some similarities indeed existing when they study a new method like foreign language.
When it comes to study experience, most students in UK are curious about why Chinese students always prepare exams and tests by rote. In particular, the most direct way of learning in China is listening and memorizing to teachers’ instructions. The common reason is most Chinese teachers do not like to be interrupted by questions during their speech. Moreover, some teachers even encourage students to be extremely quiet and few discussions in the class. Therefore, Chinese teachers get honorable respects from students and teachers believe that keep quite is essential to get a high score.
In contrast, students in UK present more aggressive in the class. The crucial reason is teachers in UK concentrated on fostering independent learning skills and motivated thinking abilities. Additionally, be critical thinking is the basic factor for Britain students when they do not agree with the teachers’ viewpoint. These study experience in UK indicate more advantages in creation than Chinese, especially in some international…...

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