Enviromental Concerns

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Environmental Concerns
Technology is an ever-changing entity. As soon as a company goes through the time and expense of upgrading their hardware and technology, new technology emerges in the industry. With all of the new and emerging technology, the concern of what to do with the old technology and how to dispose the old so that the company can install and use the new technology. One of the biggest concerns when recycling old hardware is the effects that the recycling process will have on the environment. With this becoming a bigger concern every year, old computer hardware has become commonly known as electronic waste or e-waste.
We are a world driven by the new and the shiny. With new technology always on the cusp of being developed, consumers always have something new to look forward to and purchase. One of the first concerns of computers was the amount of electricity that the machines needed to consume in order to make them work. Many do not think about the amount of carbon that is produced through the electricity that is consumed during the use of the system. Carbon being released into the air can be harmful when considering the composition of the air that we breathe.
The next concern is the chemicals that are used in the composition of the computer and its components. Computers contain metals such as arsenic, lead, and mercury that are hazardous to those who are exposed for long periods. If these chemicals are not disposed of properly they can seep into the soil in the area they are stored as well as get into the water supply and be airborne. This presents concerns for those living in the area that the computers are stored, as well as the workers working in the landfills.
Technology developers have become more concerned with the growing environmental concerns and the growing concern as a consumer. Companies and individuals can also make sure…...

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