Environmental and Corporate Issues in "The Promised Land"

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Film Review

Business is booming, corporations run the show. How entitled are corporations and what is their responsibility towards you and me? “The Promised Land” opened in box office in 2012. It features an environmental dilemma introduced by a corporate presence in a small town outside of Pennsylvania. It was directed by Gus Van Sant with Matt Damon taking the role of the protagonist. Damon plays as Steve Butler who is a representative for an energy company called Global Crosspower Solutions. The film highlights recent and upcoming issue of fracking by questioning corporate responsibilities. This paper will discuss the environmental and corporate issues presented in the movie.
“The Promised Land” focuses on fracking which is a process used to extract natural gas, this extraction is done by pumping gallons of pressurized chemically treated water into coal beds. This water then expands the cracks in the rocks allowing trapped methane to escape. The fracking procedures have been reported to contaminate water supplies and affect the health of local citizens and cattle. The controversy behind this procedure first snatched public attention after a documentary called Gasland directed by Josh Fox was released in 2010. Gasland follows Josh Fox as he investigates the issues behind fracking. He interviews family after family to paint a dreadful picture for the viewer. The take home message is very clear, the corporations specifically the oil companies show a complete lack of responsibility in the jurisdiction of citizen health. The citizens interviewed in the documentary are lied to about the safety of their water and given sums of money to avert law suits and public attention. The plotline therefore focuses on the environmental and corporate involvement in fracking.
The plot begins with Butler getting a promotion for excelling at leasing farm lands for a value less than…...

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