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Environment challenges

Baja has serious water problems causing the lower class community, life threatening illnesses. Because of population increasing rapidly, water waste management is poor; causing polluted waters to escape into lakes, groundwater, and rivers of Baja also contaminating drinking, and bathing water making it hazardous to human health. Performance Improvement water system, has designed a unique watering filter system that connects to the existing watering systems of Baja. The objective to this system is to filter out harmful chemicals and waste from water supply that can cause illnesses to humans. Team C recognizes the importance and necessities of clean water dedicates to bringing safe drinkable water to communities of Baja as well other countries. Team C also dedicate to developing good water management to reach the environmental goals of Baja to benefit generations present and in the future.

Social Risks

Performance Improvement water system will be able to provide good drinking water systems in schools of Baja to help regulate death and illnesses. Yearly children under the age of eight die from contaminated waters used in schools; these same contaminated waters are in meal preparations, as well hand washing. The Performance Improvement system can also work well with hotels and tourist, as travelers stay that can rest assure that his or her water is safe for bathing as well drinking. Restaurants will benefit from the Performance Improvement system; tourists that know a restaurant has a good watering system in Baja, will most likely eat from there. Causing increase in customers as well profits. Team C may not be able to triumph over every water problem in Baja, but Team C is willing to conquer as many regional challenges of Baja. Team C is confident that through the Performance Improvement water system many of the environmental issues…...

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