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Detailed Comprehension: 1. Read down to line 10 and find the English equivalents of:
Evasion, replier, portefeuille, bibliothèque, au lieu de cela, pénible, motif, poster
Escape,fold up, wallet, library, instead, tough, ground, mail 2. Quote three sentences showing that he kept his plans secret
‘I kept my escape plans folded up in my wallet’ (line 1), ‘a secluded table in the library’, (line 1), ‘I hid the letters’ (line 8) 3. Why did he take notes on Swedish History, culture, and politics? Because Sweden is the final stop to the narrator’s escape plans. He wants to settle there because it is far from the USA and he doesn’t risk being taken. 4. What are the narrator’s feelings about himself when he wrote the letters. When he is writing the letters, the narrator feels ill-at-ease, uncomfortable. He can’t face (assumer) what he is doing because he feels ashamed himself and embarrassed for his family. Indeed, being a deserter is regarded as unpatriotic and coward. 5. How does he expect his parents to react? The narrator expects his parents to be embarrassed about his decision. He is afraid that his parents might disapprove of his decision. 6. What sort of man is the lieutenant? What language does he use? The lieutenant is the kind of absolutely patriotic man who is eager to serve his country. He is a hothead ready for war action. He uses slang words. 7. How can you account for the narrator’s decision at the end of the text?
At the end of the text, the narrator cannot cope with (faire face à) his decision. Either he suddenly becomes aware that what he is doing is a coward thing or he is overwhelmed by his cowardice. He might also realize that fleeing means exiling himself and in consequence being alone and start a new life, which is a difficult step to take. He doesn’t achieve to summon up his courage.

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