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ESSA I Spac0020.jpg
Mission type Weather satellite
Operator ESSA/NASA
COSPAR ID 1966-008A
SATCAT № 1982
Spacecraft properties
Manufacturer RCA Astro
Launch mass 304 kilograms (670 lb)[1]
Start of mission
Launch date 3 February 1966, 07:41:23 UTC[2]
Rocket Delta C
Launch site Cape Canaveral LC-17A
End of mission
Disposal Decommissioned
Deactivated 12 June 1968[3]
Orbital parameters
Reference system Geocentric
Regime Low Earth
Semi-major axis 7,115.60 kilometers (4,421.43 mi)
Eccentricity 0.0083082
Perigee 685 kilometers (426 mi)
Apogee 803 kilometers (499 mi)
Inclination 97.94 degrees
Period 99.56 minutes
Epoch 7 December 2013, 20:11:52 UTC[4]
ESSA-1 (or OT-3) was a spin-stabilized operational meteorological satellite.

ESSA-1 was launched on 3 February 1966 at 07:41 UTC. It was launched atop a Delta rocket from Cape Canaveral, Florida. The spacecraft had a mass of 304 kilograms (670 lb) at the time of launch. ESSA-1 had an inclination of 97.91°, and an orbited the earth once every 100 minutes. Its perigee was 702 kilometers (379 nmi) and apogee was 845 kilometers (456 nmi).

ESSA-1 had a similar design to that of the TIROS satellite series. It was an 18-sided right prism, measuring 107 centimeters (42 in) across opposite corners and 56 centimeters (22 in). It had a reinforced baseplate, which carried most of the subsystems and a cover assembly (hat). ESSA-1 had approximately 10,000 1-cm by 2-cm solar cells, which charged 21 nickel–cadmium batteries. ESSA-1 was designed to take pictures of daytime cloud cover, record them and transmit them when it was in range of a…...

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