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Functions of Management Suzzette M. PĂ©rez Rosa MAN 330 05/16/2011 Stacy Medvetz

We can define management as "the art of making that things happen." Management is defined as a body of knowledge applicable to the effective management of an organization. Currently, there is consensus, among many authors, to indicate that the term management can be defined as a process involving the coordination of all the available resources in an organization (human, physical, technological, financial), to which the processes of: planning, organization, direction, and control previously established that objectives are achieved. In this way we can distinguish three key aspects to define the management as a process: first, coordination of the organization's resources; second the implementation of managerial functions or administrative calls as a means of achieving coordination and third, to establish the purpose of the managerial process; with that is where we want to go or we want to achieve. Before we proceed further we need to know why and when is necessary the management, what does and does. Management is responsible for the success or failure of a company, is essential to direct the affairs of the same. Provided that there is a group of individuals who pursue a goal, it is necessary, for the group, work together to achieve the same. On the other hand the members of the group, to an extent must subordinate their individual desires to achieve the goals of the group, and the management should provide leadership for the action of the group. To analyze the managerial functions we find the answer to what does the management. When we study the management as…...

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