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Project management is the process of defining, planning, monitoring, controlling and delivering projects to meet an agreed result or requirement. Each project has its own objectives, resources, and cost estimates. In our modern world, many organisations welcome change through the implementation of projects. However large organisations such as the central bank of Brazil, Intel, Eurotunnel and many others have a lot of individual projects to implement in the organisation with limited resources. The process of managing this group of on-going, interdependent, related projects in a coordinated way to achieve strategic objectives can thus be called Programme management. Programme management has become a very important discipline because it enables the sharing of resources across projects and provides a guide for the engagement of senior managers. Many organisations tend to fail or have issues with managing the organisational programmes as a result of issues such as risk management, quality management and resource management.
The mandate of this paper is to talk about the Eurotunnel and Crossrail programmes, their impacts, major issues identified with the projects/programmes. This paper also identifies some of the key lessons learnt from the Eurotunnel and finally justifies why…...

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Investment Banking may include the investment of capital, since the three governments have already contributed RMB 15.3billion by way of equity. The three governments may also provide Investment Banking ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ the tax incentives. Indirect financial supports involve providing assistance to the private sector in financing process. The project provides a loan guarantee for the project concessionaire, which assures lenders that the debt will be fully or partially repaid by the government if the project fails. Potential Risk 2: Cost over-run and construction delay risks Case Study in Eurotunnel project and potential risk in the HZMB project The Eurotunnel project was always underperformed due to the lack of expertise. As a result, the project’s costs overran and contractor faced financial difficulties. The HZMB project may start in 2011, we are sure that the bridge will be constructed as expected with current technique and skills in construction. However, there may also have the unforeseeable technology risk in this project. Such as unforeseen sea conditions and breakdown of equipment are common on construction site. When construction costs exceed original estimates, drawdown from loans may not be able to match the payments due to contractors. This may cause lenders to question the viability of the project. Relative Risk management 1. Additional......

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...Groupe Eurotunnel S.A.’s (GESA) roots go back to the Channel Tunnel Treaty that was signed between the UK and France in Feb 12, 1986. The plan is to connect Folkstone, England to Coquelles, France with 50 km rail-only tunnels running under the British Channels. Winning design is submitted by Channel Tunnel-Frace Manche Group, a group of UK & French banks and construction companies which later renames itself to Eurotunnel. Eurotunnel becomes a stand-alone entity with its own board of directors and senior management team. Initial projection for the cost of the project is £4.9 billion and the initial estimated completion date is 1993. Also, Eurotunnel is granted a 55 year concession to construct and operate the tunnel. As first order of business, in 1987, Eurotunnel set out to sign a usage contract called Railway Usage Contract (RUC) with the UK, French and Belgian national rail companies. This contract allows the rail companies to utilize 50% of Channel Tunnel capacity in exchange for annual cash payments to Eurotunnel that comprised of a fixed annual fee, a variable fee calculated using toll formula, a contribution to Eurotunnel’s operating costs and a minimum usage charge. Then the company starts raising capital through debt and equity offerings. Eurotunnel got listed in both Paris and London Stock Exchanges and offers discounted (and per my research, free in some cases) travel to shareholders. Construction of the tunnel begins in November of 1987 and it is completed in...

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