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Executive Summary
(1) Background
Just before last Christmas, Marsh & McLennan Companies Inc. announced the acquisition of HSBC Insurance Brokers Limited (‘HIBL’), through its subsidiary MMC UK Group Limited.1 (‘Marsh’) The announcement came as a surprise for me and quite a few of my fellow workers at the HSBC Insurance Brokers (Asia-Pacific) Ltd.2 – somebody bought us out?! Nobody told us!
(2) Purposes of report
Applying the Co-opetition model3 and the Game Theory,4 I would like to take advantage of this project paper to try to find out some of the hidden ‘Whys’ and ‘Whats’ leading to the acquisition, which might have been classified for internal use, and not released. The exercise and the findings would be useful for future strategic management.
(3) Scope and limitations
Given the geographic locations of Marsh and HIBL, and the confidential nature of the transaction, the acquisition was already factual at the time of its public announcement. Furthermore, the HIBL CEO Announcement5 about the acquisition in Hong Kong was focused mainly on the process of integration, with measly disclosure of the underlying motives. As such, while I believe I have done ample researches and obtained reasonably sufficient information to proceed with the project paper, some of my findings may have been speculative, and may deviate materially from the unpublished corporate records; I do not possess any boardroom-information (other than those that have been made public) that I can use to vouch my analyses and findings.
(4) Methodology
The discussions in this project paper have been based mainly on the book Co-opetition, the Game Theory, insurance industry reports and other statistical information available to the public. e.g. The Marsh & McLennan 2008 Annual…...

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