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Genetics Worksheet

Review the images below and answer the follow-up questions.


1. According to the pedigree, is cystic fibrosis inherited as a dominant or as a recessive trait? Explain how you made your conclusion using evidence from the pedigree and the principles of genetics.

The disease, Cystic fibrosis is an inherited recessive trait. Each child of 2 carriers has a about a fourth of a chance of inheriting 2 recessive alleles. Any person with 2 duplicates of this allele will have cystic fibrosis.

2. What would a Punnett square that shows how the son in generation IV (marked with an A) inherited cystic fibrosis look like?

| |A |a | |A |AA |Aa | |a |Aa |aa |


1. According to the pedigree, is Huntington’s disease inherited as a dominant or as a recessive trait? Explain how you made your conclusion using evidence from the pedigree and the principles of genetics.

The inherent dominant gene of Huntington’s disease appears in any child born to a parent with the allele and they have a 50 percent chance or better of inheriting both the allele and the disease. While it is dominant it is fatal when it is inherited in two copies of that allele.

2. What would a Punnett square that shows how the first daughter in generation II (marked with a B) did not inherit Huntington’s disease look like?

| |B |b | |b |Bb |bb | |b |Bb |bb |

3. What is the role of chromosomes in the inheritance of genetic traits, such as cystic fibrosis and Huntington’s disease?

It is the chromosomes that enable the transportation of the genetic traits thus carry the traits that can be disorders as well as the usual ones for eye color or weight…...

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