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=IF(ISBLANK(B5),””,B5) -This code looks at cell B5 if it is empty it will leave the cell this formula is in blank but if B5 has something in it then it will return what is in B5. Also the 2nd B5 in this formula can be anything adding other cells, returning the value of another cell, a lookup function, or whatever you need it to be an example will up this will follow later down the page.

=VLOOKUP(J7, B4:C41, 2, FALSE) - This code here is a vertical lookup function. What is says/does is this it will look in cell J7 then it will look in the column B from B4 down to B41 if there is a match to J7 the it will return the value in the cell beside it from column C. For example say B22 has the same information as J7 then it would return to you what is in C22. The 2 in the formula refers to the column in the selected range B4:C41 but you can expand on this. For example you can say D2:Z54 and all you have to do is tell it what column you want so if you wanted what was in column K then you would put an 8. Remember this formula will be in a cell that is not involved with the formula. With this formula you will be putting your information you want to look up in J7 and the results will be displayed in the cell that you have this formula. In the beginning of this statement I told you this is a vertical lookup function well if you change the V to an H it will then become a horizontal lookup function. SO if this was a horizontal lookup function then the formula would look like this. =HLOOKUP(J7,B4:Z5,2,FALSE) this would search for J7 on row 4 and display what is on row 5.

=IF(ISBLANK(B8),"",IF((AND(H8>$B$1,K8>$B$1)),"NO","YES")) - Okay this formula is a little bit more advance what we have here is a combination of 2 formulas together. The first part of the formula is the same as the 1st formula I explained. As I also explained you can put whatever you want on the 2nd…...

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...Library Tools for Biblical Exegesis Table of Contents I. Overview Exegetical Steps Exegetical Handbooks II. Groundwork Bibles English Language Versions Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha Greek and Hebrew Texts Parallels Interlinear Testaments Digital Bibles Dictionaries Atlases III. Textual Analysis Concordances Lexicons and Wordbooks Lexicons Wordbooks IV. Analysis by Others Online Catalog Commentaries Journal Articles V. Steps for Word Study Old Testament New Testament Page 2 2 2 3-6 3 3 3 4 4 5 5 6 6 7-8 7 7 8 8 9-10 9 9 10 11-12 11 12 I. Overview Exegetical Steps Exegesis - the process by which one comes to understand a text These are the typical steps involved in an exegesis; your professor’s instructions for your exegetical paper may include a variation of them. A. Establish or orient the context of the pericope in the Biblical book as a whole - a translation from the original Greek or Hebrew may be required - read the text in several different English versions B. Examine the historical context or setting C. Analyze the text - Literary analysis (what type of literature is it?) - Textual analysis (to reconstruct the precise words of the original writer) - Grammatical analysis (classify words by their part of speech) - Lexical analysis (determine meaning(s) of the words) D. Critical analysis: employing various critical methods to ask questions of the texts, ex.: - Canonical - Reader-Response - Form - Redaction - Historical - Rhetorical - Liberation/Black/Feminist -......

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