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Export Documentation In Pakistan

Now a days export license is no MORE required to export. Only the following initial documents are required to export: --

National Tax Number Certificate, which is issued by the Income Tax Department on filing of application form accompanied with one attested photocopy of NIC.

Commercial exporter is not required to register with sales tax department. But if you pay the sales tax on purchasing the goods from local market it will be better for you to get yourself register with sales tax department so that you may claim refund of your input tax deducting on your purchases. Once you are registered in sales tax department you will be obliged to file monthly sales tax return irrespective of the fact that you have been involved in any sales tax activity or not.

Current bank account is required for export proceedings and docuemnts.

Membership certificate of Chamber of Commerce and Industries or any relevent trade association.

Once the consignment, to be exported arrives at the port, usually a clearing agent's services are sought. The following documents are required to provide to clearing agent to clear the consignment: --

Packing list

Commercial invoice

Letter of Credit (LC)

Certificate of origin which is issued by the chamber of commerce

National Tax Number Certificate

Form "E"
[pic][pic](State bank form): All exports from Pakistan which are subject to Foreign Exchange Regulations are required to be declared on form 'E' which is in sets of four copies each. The exporter should submit the full set of Form 'E' to the bank after it has been completed and signed by the exporter himself or his authorised agent. While certifying Form 'E', bank should ensure that exporters give only one address in Form 'E'. After the form is certified by the bank, it should be submitted to the Customs/Postal authorities at the…...

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