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January 28, 2014

I probably lock eyes with a few hundred people every day. Some familiar, some new, some forgotten five seconds afterward. It seems, and for the most part it is, subconscious. I recognize someone and their being and their existence, and then I move on. Maybe smile a bit if the contact is held for a second too long, just to keep things from getting awkward. It happens every day. And I think nothing of it. His eyes, however, are different. Thinking nothing of them couldn’t be further from the truth. Every time I’m around him he gives me the same look – whether it’s given with the intention to remind me that he loves me or to playfully tell me I’m an idiot, it doesn’t matter. Any mood he’s in or thought he’s having is written clearly all over them.
I proudly admit to being one of the few couples who didn’t let a few states (ten, to be exact) put an end to an otherwise perfect relationship. I was lucky enough to have had the honor and the privilege of knowing him throughout high school, purely through friendship until senior year. We said our goodbyes, moved into our respective schools, made our own friends and smoothly transitioned into a new, exciting part of our lives - one without having each other just down the road. We had made it through one year together, and I guess you could say we decided to switch it up a bit for year number two. I hadn’t locked eyes with him in exactly fifty-one days. And quite frankly, I had never felt more like a cliché teenage girl in my life. He was 1,080 miles away, but there was hardly a time when he wasn’t in the back of my mind. Memories of him and of his smile were triggered by witty comments I knew he’d appreciate or restaurants I’d be dying for him to try. And today, they would no longer only be memories. I can’t explain how it feels to be so connected to someone that…...

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