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Whitbread PLC: SWOT Analysis & Company Profile
Description: Synopsis Business Review’s Whitbread PLC contains a company overview, key facts, locations and subsidiaries, news and events as well as a SWOT analysis of the company. Summary This SWOT Analysis company profile is a crucial resource for industry executives and anyone looking to quickly understand the key information concerning Whitbread PLC’s business. Business Review’s “Whitbread PLC SWOT Analysis & Company Profile” reports utilize a wide range of primary and secondary sources, which are analyzed and presented in a consistent and easily accessible format. Business Review strictly follows a standardized research methodology to ensure high levels of data quality and these characteristics guarantee a unique report. Scope - Examines and identifies key information and issues about (Whitbread PLC) for business intelligence requirements - Studies and presents Whitbread PLC’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities (growth potential) and threats (competition). Strategic and operational business information is objectively reported. - The profile contains business operations, the company history, major products and services, prospects, key competitors, structure and key employees, locations and subsidiaries. Reasons To Buy - Quickly enhance your understanding of the company. - Obtain details and analysis of the market and competitors as well as internal and external factors which could impact the industry. - Increase business/sales activities by understanding your competitors’ businesses better. - Recognize potential partnerships and suppliers. - Obtain yearly profitability figures Key Highlights Whitbread PLC (Whitbread) is a UK-based operator of hotels, restaurants, and coffee shops. The company also offers meeting rooms and…...

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...– Net income + Dividends | 4. | Which of the following is not a satisfactory statement of the accounting equation? | A) | Assets = Stockholders' Equity – Liabilities. | B) | Assets = Liabilities + Stockholders' Equity. | C) | Assets - Liabilities = Stockholders' Equity. | D) | Assets - Stockholders' Equity = Liabilities. | 5. | If total liabilities increased by $15,000 and stockholders' equity increased by $5,000 during a period of time, then total assets must change by what amount and direction during that same period? | A) | $20,000 decrease | B) | $20,000 increase | C) | $25,000 increase | D) | $30,000 increase | 6. | An annual report includes all of the following except | A) | management discussion and analysis section. | B) | notes to the financial statements. | C) | an auditor's report. | D) | salary information for all the executives. | 7. | N3 Corporation has assets of $2.7 million, common stock of $702,000, and retained earnings of $428,000. What are the creditors' claims on their assets? | A) | $2,426,000 | B) | $1,130,000 | C) | $1,570,000 | D) | $2,974,000 | 8. | How can a company improve its current ratio? | A) | Work with a creditor to reclassify some current debt into long-term debt | B) | Use cash to reduce current liabilities | C) | Nothing can ethically be done to improve the current ratio | D) | Use excess cash to buy new equipment | 9. | If total liabilities increased by $5,000, then | A) |......

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...000 are born with Fetal Alcohol Effects also known as FAE. The research regarding FAS dates back to 1973. From 1973-1978, 245 cases of FAS were reported. The average cost to take care of a child with FAS is around 800,000. (Armstrong, Elizabeth M. Conceiving Risk, Bearing Responsibility: Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and the Diagnosis of Moral Disorder: Baltimore, MD: John Hopkins University, 2003.) Fetal Alcohol Syndrome is a mental and physical defect that a fetus can suffer in association with high levels of alcohol consumption during pregnancy. FAS was named in the United States in 1973 by two dysmorpholosgists, Dr. Kenneth Lyons Jones and Dr. David Weyhe Smith of the University of Washington Medical School in Seattle. The article identifying FAS was first published in 1973, in the British Medical Journal, The Lancet. The two doctors helped to define the morphological defects and developmental delays that can affect children born to alcoholic mothers. These observations include prenatal and postnatal deficiencies, facial abnormalities, and damage to the brain that can cause learning, behavior, and cognitive abnormalities. FAS occurs when a pregnant mother consumes alcohol. The alcohol enters the blood stream and crosses the placenta. The alcohol could also interfere with the delivery of oxygen to the fetus's brain. The more alcohol that is consumed during pregnancy, the greater the risk of FAS. The first few weeks are the most critical weeks in the womb. During these......

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...+ (40% x £7.48 / 52 x 9.2) = £0.7883m Reduction in debtors = £800,000 – £788,300 = £11,700 x 8% = £936 saving (£0.0009m) (iv) Reduction in bad debts Current level – £6.8m x 1% = £0.068m New policy – £7.48m x 0.75% = £0.0561 ie a reduction of £0.0119m (iii) Summary of changes Saving £’m 0.1360 0.0009 0.0119 –––––– 0.1428 Increased cost £’m 0.1428 (i) (ii) (iii) (iv) Net operating profit Discount allowed Debtors Bad debts –––––– 0.1428 Overall saving = £0.006m ie £6,000 This is a relatively small benefit and Kendal PLC would need to consider whether the proposed changes are financially beneficial overall. The saving is relatively modest given the figures involved. (b) – – – – – – – – – Prior experience with the particular customer. Analysis of the customer’s accounts and credit reports. Bank / trade references. Credit bureau reports. Capacity – does the client have the capacity to repay the debt? Character – will the customer repay the debt in accordance with the terms of the contract? Capital – what is the financial health of the client? Collateral – what security (if any) should be taken? Conditions – consideration of the normal terms for the industry. CF0608 16 Q6 In practice a company must consider several factors when determining its dividend policy. Note that it is the directors who determine dividend policy. – – It has to match its dividend policy to its clientele, to prevent a mass buying and selling of its shares. If a company faces a takeover, management......

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...sold. In the income statement (See sample on page 36 of F), Sales is shown as an income item from which the cost of goods sold (consisting of merchandise inventory beginning and end and net cost of purchases), was deducted, the difference being the gross profit. Therefore, sales represents income, which covers both the cost of merchandise, sold and gross profit (or gross loss). In the following discussions, it was assumed that merchandise is sold normally at a profit, i.e., the selling price of the merchandise sold is greater than its cost. It is very important to note that a purchase and sales transaction involve two parties; namely, the buyer and the seller. Furthermore, a business acts sometimes as a buyer and sometimes a seller. The analysis of a purchase and sale transaction would depend on whether the business for which the accounting work is being done, is playing the role of a buyer or that of a seller. The treatment therefore, for cash discount and returns and allowances on this part will also be similar to that discussed under purchases, only this time the account titles to be used would be Sales discount and Sales returns and allowances. Continued on next page Marivic D. Valenzuela-Manalo Page 26of F Sales, Continued Cash Sales Retailers like drug stores, sari-sari stores, department stores and restaurants will at times sell their merchandise on cash basis. Assuming Mary Store sold P5,000 worth of merchandise for cash, this cash sale is recorded as......

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...IS FETAL ALCOHOL SYNDROME? Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) is a birth defect caused by heavy alcohol consumption (usually in a binge pattern) during pregnancy. It is characterised by growth retardation, facial and neural abnormalities as well as malformations of other organ systems. Maternal risk for giving birth to a child with FAS is known to vary substantially by population and that the risk also varies between individuals. Alcohol and its primary metabolite, acetaldehyde, are known tissue toxins which may interfere directly with cellular growth and metabolism. When a pregnant woman consumes alcohol, it is carried to all her organs and tissues including the placenta. The placenta functions to protect the fetus and provides nourishment from the mother to the fetus. Alcohol is able to cross the placental membrane and is then transported directly to all developing tissues of the fetus. These adverse effects of alcohol on the developing fetus are characterised by an array of disorders, termed Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD). They include structural anomalies as well as behavioural and neuro-cognitive disabilities. Children at the severe end of the spectrum are defined as having the fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS). HOW MANY CHILDREN ARE AFFECTED BY FAS? FAS is the most common preventable cause of mental retardation worldwide, even more so than Down’s syndrome. In South Africa, FAS related research has been limited to a few at-risk......

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