Facilitating Change

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Facilitating Change
Annette F. McGee
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August 5, 2012
Wayne Brock

Facilitating Change
The environment and culture of a company are instrumental; organizations face uncertainty from the beginning and must learn to analyze their environment and competition as expediently as possible. Activities, for example such as task allocation, coordination, and supervision directed toward the attainment of organizational aims are the elements of organizational structure. In conjunction with structure is organizational design, the plan. According to Hearst Communications, Inc. (2013),
“When a company's leaders develop plans for how their company should function or would perform better, they undertake the business of organizational design. Good design takes inventory of all the tasks, functions and goals of a business, and then develops groupings and orderings of job positions; departments and individuals to best and most efficiently achieve those ends. Usually, designs are expressed through an organizational chart, which helps players throughout an organization understand functions and power relationships”
As a business’s environment changes it is vital to identify, reassess, and possibly change one’s organizational structure and design. Knowing how to respond to the environment aids the company as economic, legal, political, and social circumstances change. Virgin America Airlines is expanding into China, and management realizes recommended changes in strategy may affect its current organizational structure and design.
This discourse summarizes its existing organizational structure and describes the existing organizational design with specific discussion of how work is divided among people and departments as well as how Virgin America Airlines uses its resources (financial, physical, and human). Additional discussion includes the challenges of the existing…...

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