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Michelle Thomas
Faith & Culture THEO 2600-01
Professor Darren Gordon
9 April 2014

Westboro Baptist Church

The title of the Westboro Baptist Church is misleading. At one point, this congregation was a new church plant for the East Side Baptist Church of Topeka, Kansas, but shortly after opening across town, the leader, Fred Phelps cut ties with the original church. As of this writing, the term “Baptist” is just part of the name of the church and there are no Baptist churches that have any affiliation with Westboro; there is no denomination affiliation to be found. There are two basic guidelines that the church follows, the first one is that God hates everyone not associated with the WBC and anyone that they name is going to hell. They vehemently disapprove of anyone who is or supports anyone who is homosexual. In fact, it is their belief that soldier deaths and all natural disaster deaths are a punishment from God for supporting or even appearing to support homosexual behavior in any way. In their eyes if you do not condemn an individual or group for even being non-committal in their opinion on homosexuality that individual or group will go to hell. Hate of anything associated with the lifestyle of homosexuals seems to be what their foundation is made of. This malfunctioning group spreads their message of hate through websites and picketing. The many places they choose to picket vary from Armed Forces funerals, Churches or group events that they deem apathetic toward homosexuality, as well as children’s funerals based on the actions of their parents that Westboro deems sinful. People of Jewish background are also a target for this group’s hatred and violence. Their convoluted thinking even involves very young children trained up to hate and yell at the unsuspecting public that God hates whatever topic they…...

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